“You’re like a blind, mute painter…”

By , June 16, 2009 08:51

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Fred’s tweet a few minutes before the interview said, “what a good thing to embrace on an afternoon of love” …no love here, buddyboy… no love here. Durst claims he enjoys Morrissey and The Smiths, but cannot name one single song, after audibly fumbling for a few seconds. Mat asks him about the juxtaposition of Durst claiming that he put Limp Bizkit on the back-burner because it was fueling bullies* and Limp Bizkit’s ONE performance in the United States being at UFC 100 in Las Vegas, to which Fred responds that he thinks it was a good quote. No real answer, though. Huh? Fred also managed to bite the hands that fed him by dissing TRL. Nice job, fatty.

The interview, which mainly relied on subdued jabs, ended with 91X’s Mat Diablo scoring a definitive TKO. Fred got knocked down once early on, when a no-no word from his everyday vernacular slipped into his verbal spewage, causing the show to use a delay to their advantage. Once Mat took his final uppercut to ol’ fatty’s pathetic ego, the low-rent Bruce Willis lookalike had to be dumped completely for letting some choice curses fly. Victory goes, once again, to those with good taste!

* Note: Which Fred also claims in an interview, that connects him to Miley Cyrus, in that they were both “beaten up” in high school here – the comments are deliciously entertaining and one commentator claims she went to school with him and he was NOT bullied. Another Miley Cyrus comparison for you, while we’re on the topic, recently Miley’s been getting some flack for her handlers hanging up during radio interviews or ending them early – Fred’s handler interjected into the interview this morning, twice. Redcap needs a babysitter… awwww! Are you going Disney, Dursty?


Looks like someone got his widdle feewings hurtededed… d’aaaaaaaaaawwww :(

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