The Guitar Auditions Fiasco – 2002

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On February 3rd, 2002, the staff of received a letter from someone calling himself “Alex”. We were shocked at what we read. We posted the letter on our website, after following up the story with two other people, to make sure the majority of it was legit. We then received a barrage of emails saying that what “Alex” said was true. We also received a few from people correcting a couple of details. On the 4th, we received an email from a reader calling himself “Will”, who claimed to have written the “original” version of the post, but he could not produce the “original” copy of it. By his request, we removed the band’s name from “Alex’s” post.

We at are not saying the following email is true or untrue, we are just providing information as we have received it. We feel the need to prevent any possible exploitation of musicians by Fred Durst. And in doing so, we have also included pertinent emails that followed the posting of “Alex’s” email. (For the record, we did not hand out Alex’s email or have anything to do with print-outs of the email, but we did hear from a few people that they received a copy of the email while standing in line at various audition locations.)

Some of you may have heard about the Limp Bizkit guitarist search. Basically, the band has been “touring” the country visiting Guitar Center stores, holding auditions for a new guitarist to replace the one who left the band.

The deal is this. From 7:00 to 11:00 AM you can sign up for a slot to try out that day. The tryouts are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. During this time, they take you into a room to play your stuff. At the end of that time, you leave. They call three to ten people at 5:30 to come back to the place and play in front of Limp Bizkit. Out of those people, one is selected to return at 9:00 to jam with the band, and anyone who participated is invited to watch — a free concert, basically.

So I arrive there, with a copy of our band’s full CD in hand. I’m with a friend who wants to try out, so I go ahead and sign up too. We get there at 5:00 AM and we’re 83rd and 84th in line. Not incredibly bad. Free Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee, so all isn’t too bad.

10:00 rolls around. The line is moving slow, but that’s to be expected. We finally get up around the corner of the building to the front of the line at about noon.

Current total time there: 7 hours.

Get to the table, and I notice there’s a waiver you have to sign. No problem, standard stuff. Then I notice it’s a three page contract. This contract basically said that if you play, you must sign the contract. Okay. No big deal here either. So I keep reading it. An interesting note. Anything you play can NOT be copyright, and can be used by Limp Bizkit in audio, video, or recorded form of any sort. Other big words which basically translated to the fact that if you play something, they are fully authorized to steal it and use it on a CD. The artist agrees to zero compensation and zero rights over the track, and will get their name in the liner notes “if possible.”

This didn’t sit well, as me and the guy I was with were planning on playing something we wrote with [my band]. So we sign it and decide to make something up. An annoyance at the very least, but we’d waited seven hours to get this far.

Then we got to stand in the parking lot for another two hours. We finally get inside at about 2:30, where it’s another 30 minute wait for your turn.

Current total time there: 10 hours.

So then we get the “rules”. They are outlined for us straight out. No guitar solos. No playing cover songs. No playing copyrighted material. No playing Limp Bizkit songs. This effectively means that you’re forced to play something that you made up, but don’t have a copyright for. You may see where this is going.

Entering the room, there’s one guy. He’s got a mute button under his foot. His job is to make sure you follow the rules. If you break any, you get muted and kicked out immediately. So I go in, and there’s one amp for me to plug into, and the settings are turned to “mud”. It sounded awful, and was not pleasing to the ears. And it was loud enough that the awfulness didn’t go away for some time. Then comes another fun part.

“You have 60 seconds to play. Starting now.”

One ####ing minute?! I mean, ####ing… okay. So since the thing I’d been planning was two minutes and thirty seconds, I cut most of the parts out. Kept it under time (about 57 seconds), but it still sounded worse than a handful of ass due to that beautiful amplifier (hmm). And I leave the room and the line proceeds. We’re told that the winners will be announced at 5:30. And that we are to remain in the front parking lot until that time. No leaving. Period. This makes for unhappy
people. We’re talking 200+ people here, plus any wives / girlfriends / husbands / boyfriends / family / friends which accompanied them. But what can you do? We stay until 5:30.

Total current time there: 12 hours, 30 minutes.

5:30 rolls around. People are getting ansi. The band management promised “free pizza”. It came, and there were two boxes of pizza. Two large pizzas. For about two hundred people at least. No cool points here either. Anyway, the clock keeps ticking, and it’s 6:00 before we notice anything going on. Guitar Center management flags all their people and security to come inside to discuss something. They go in there, and the guy in charge walks out with a megaphone. After getting everyone’s attention, the guy on the megaphone speaks:

“This competition has been called off effective immediately and will not be rescheduled. The band will not be performing with nor for anyone. They will not be signing autographs. This is beyond our control, but please exit the area immediately.”

The guy then proceeds to enter back inside the huge glass doors, and two armed officers stand behind the door. They lock the building as the massive amount of people head directly towards them. After reaching the building, people start going ape****. Cops are called in basically a way to clear the crowd. After about an hour, most have gone home or been “taken” home by the police. The radio station is completely screwed, having brought their entire broadcast booths out to cover it. Everyone is very, very ****ed. Me and the other guy stayed awhile to figure out what was going on. It’s now about 7:30 PM.

FM99 is having a field day with it. They’re referring to this as “#### Fred Durst Friday”, taking calls in from people who went. But unless you’ve read this carefully, I don’t think you understand what happened.

Limp Bizkit now has over 200 guitar parts, written by various artists around here, which are unowned and not copyrighted. Limp Bizkit now owns these riffs. Limp Bizkit just stole 200 pieces of material right out from under these guitarists’ noses, myself included. If I’d played something off our CD, I would be ABSOLUTELY ****ed. I *am* absolutely ****ed. They have completely ripped off hundreds of people, and they’re getting away with it because they can. They’re on their way to Georgia, and the radio station here has given out request line numbers for the stations down there for us to call and let them know what’s happening over the course of this event, to warn them. But people aren’t going to buy it. They’re going to go and get their **** stolen too.

Someone needs to beat the living hell out of him. He’s an asshole, and someone who doesn’t deserve to be breathing the same air as a ####ing cockroach.

To add insult to injury, Guitar Center ran a contest where the winner would get to watch the band play even if they didn’t play guitar. One person and a friend. That person also won an autographedGibson Les Paul Studio ($1500+ guitar) by the band. She showed up after a near 200 mile drive to the area. Guitar Center told her that the band refused to acknowledge the contest at this point, and so not only did she drive three and a half hours for no performance (which she took her ten year old kid to see as his first concert), but apparently the guitar wasn’t given either. All because the band wanted to be one giant collective asshole.

If any of you know anyone who’s considering going to these tryouts, show them this message. If they have any questions they can contact me directly. I’m doing everything I possibly can to makesure this does NOT happen to anyone else. It’s not my stuff I’m concerned about — our CD is copyrighted completely and legally — but I’m guessing 90% of the local bands who passed Durst a copy of their CD are going to be ####ed. Many bands, especially newer local ones, don’t have the money or know-how to copyright their stuff, and by giving it to them tonight, they just basically tossed them a new Limp Bizkit CD if Fred wants to do that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he copyrights their **** tomorrow.

It hurts to look around and see hundreds of people get excited at the chance to be able to make something of their guitar work; to have a shot at being in a popular band, making a living doing what they dream of. Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit are taking that dream and ####ing it over. And anyone who wasn’t there who just caught the coverage at noon and 5:00 on the news just think everything is perfect. Happy Fred Durst in front of the cameras behind the place, fenced off, saying how good the turnout is and how happy everyone seems, and talking about all the great **** he’s hearing. That man is the true meaning of a music label representative. He’s the perfect salesman and nice guy in front of the media, and turns around and screws everyone involved in the ass without having to take any hit in his overall popularity, and possibly gaining a **** ton of new music in the process that he’s ripped from people.

Not many things **** me off, but I’m ****ed off. I’m not the only one. All sorts of “this band is playing tonight at this place, and they’d like me to announce to Fred Durst that if you’re still in the area and you come to this venue, you will be able to see what a REAL band is like — right before the real band beats your skull in.” This radio station is sick of the **** from this band, and so are its listeners. If this keeps happening, I wouldn’t be surprised if some **** goes down somewhere really damn soon. If it does, I’ll let you know.


What Alex has to say is very much true. I think the spinmasters at Flawless records are getting upset that this post is EVERYWHERE and are making some lame ass attempts to discredit the post. In fact I reached your site through VA Beach radio station 99 FM website. You can verify what Fat Freddy did there on their website:

– Esinedd @

Hi, Harvey Kojan here, program director of FM99 WNOR, the radio station involved in the Limp Bizkit Virginia Beach fiasco. Although Alex’s post contains some errors, the basic facts are true. I first saw his post after a listener alerted me about it when he spied it on the Megadeth message board. I posted the following response:

Hi, Harvey “Big Bird” Kojan here, program director of FM99. I read the posts about the Limp Bizkit auditions here in Virginia Beach and thought some clarifications were in order:

* The moment we saw the notice about Limp Bizkit being able to “exploit” anything they wanted we realized that meant Fred could “borrow” any riff he pleased. And he may very well do just that. He certainly wouldn’t be the first rock star to do that! But I really believe the primary reason for the legalese was to prevent frivolous lawsuits against the band from guitarists claiming their stuff was ripped off. That’s what their road manager told me, and it makes perfect sense. Now the last thing I’d want to do is defend Fred, cause he IS a complete tool anyway you look at it (more on that later), but to think the only reason for the notice was so he could steal everyone’s riffs is a bit naive.

* This was the THIRD city in which the band has cancelled the jam session. (I found that out AFTER they blew us off here.) They’ll claim it was because they didn’t find any guitarists worthy to jam with (not ONE guy out of 200??), but you and I know it’s mainly because Fred just didn’t feel like jamming that night. I guess the fact that winners were promised a jam session doesn’t hold much weight with him.

* The contest to watch the jam session was FM99’s — NOT the Guitar Center’s. It was set up for us by the band’s management. We DID get the guitar, and it’s NOT a $1,500 Les Paul — it’s an Epiphone! (We never expected a Les Paul.) Our winner WILL receive it, and we’ll make sure she gets something else as well to make up for her disappointment.

* The band’s management may have mentioned pizza, but they had nothing to do with it — FM99 ordered the pizzas!! We set that up with Cal’z Pizza in advance. (We also were the ones responsible for the Krispy Kreme donuts.) We shared it with the Limp Bizkit dudes as a sign of good will. They should never have given people the impression everyone was gonna be fed that night.

* A quick story about Mr. Durst: When Family Values came to town in 1999 he came out to our broadcast truck for a live interview before the show. The inside of the truck folds out to look like a stage and is decorated with a montage of band posters. Well, the moment the mikes go on Fred freaks because he can’t find a Limp Bizkit poster. When we point out the Bizkit poster to him he freaks because it’s not as BIG as some of the others! He then says “mother f-er” about 50 times in 30 seconds — knowing full well we’re live on the radio! So that’s the kind of immature idiot we’re dealing with. But you already knew that.

One other thing: I wouldn’t shed a tear for Guitar Center. They received tens of thousands of dollars of free publicity in this market. I’m sure the same is true throughout the rest of the country. They never spent a dime promoting it. I don’t know how they got involved in this deal, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t pony up some money to someone for the right to host the auditions. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way Guitar Center handled things — I just don’t think we need to feel sorry for them.

– Harvey Kojan
Program Director, WNOR FM99

Also received from Mr. Kojan on 02/07/02 :

FYI: I thought you might be interested in checking out the notice prominently posted all over
Guitar Center:

This event is being recorded
in both audio & video
formats for commercial

By attending &
participating in this event,
you consent to your image,
voice and performance being
recorded and commercially
exploited and you waive any
and all rights and
compensation in connection

Hey. I have never really been much of a Limp Bizkit fan. Much more of a death metal gal myself, but onto my point. My boyfriend heard about the “Put Your Guitar Where Your Mouth Is” contest and decided to go against his better judgement and try out. He is also not a big fan, but as a talented musician, wanted to see how his talents would fare here at the VA Beach guitar center. I won’t go into specifics, as his story is exactly as the one you feature on your front page by Alex, (even the same location!). But, I am here to vent my anger for one of the most disrespectful and arrogent people I’ve ever had the pleasure (hah!) of hearing about. To take 200 fans and devotees that were willing to reveal a side of themselves to the band by playing their own original work and then to screw them over as they did has earned Fred a top spot on my hate list, as well as over 200 other peoples’. I honestly would not be surprised if he has angered someone to the point of needing much tighter security at his concerts.

Anyway, I don’t want to start swearing so I need to stop. Rock on!


Ok i auditioned 2-4-02 in JAX at a club called DV8. It was the only stop on the tour that was not held at a Guitar Center, given the fact that there is no GC in Jax. Anyway, I arived to the Audtion at 6:30 am. There was allready a line, which i had allready figured there would be. I step in line and started talking to the other hopefuls around me. First thing i noticed was every single guitarist there was cool as “shit”. They all where very supportive. Which i did not expect, but i did embrace. So Far so good, however no one had a clue to how the auditions where going to be conducted. There where alot of rumours flying around but I just thought that it was BS. At the same time I did take in to consideration how conveint it was for LB that no one knew a thing. They could easily take advantage of the situation. But i gave LB the beifet of the doubt in my mind.

Since i didn’t know LB personaly. Also cosidered that this is the music business and it’s a cold, very cold, world at times. Oh well right?? I was to be proven wrong. That LB is shit, and thank myself for having better previous tastes. And never ever purchasing a single recored.

First I well say that the other posts I’ve read do seem that they are coming from soured people that are pissed off because they didn’t make it all the way. This is very understandable. I am pissed I didn’t make it. But i realize i am better than that. I think the real reason alot of the musicians are mad is because of the lack information they were given before the audtions took place.

Namely the “Audtion Contract”. Which is very real and in any musicians mind is wrong and completly “shitty” and “fucked” up. The reason being that this is “Just” and audtion. Why the “Fuck” should I, or any other musician have to sign some thing that says, LB can use any mateiral played by _____ (player’s Name) with out any compensation. If i don’t make it, why the hell would they need what i played? Well when I read the contract. I signed it. I decided to play copywritten material anyway. My own! and if LB does decied to rip me off, “i can and will sue for damages”. The reason being, i may have a signed a contract, however I coywrote the material well before the audtion, and also The Law is The Law, contract or no contract. They cannot steal copywritten matieral.

Example. Let’s say I own an apartment, which you decied to rent from me. I make you sign a contract stating that if you miss one months rent I am therby allowed to shoot and kill you, and sodimism your corpse. The law states that murder and sodomy are both illegal therby vioding contract. I well be put away for murder and sodomy .I am not that sick, but i wanted to make my decision to play stuff I OWN clear and show how i protected myself. My heart goes out to the countless thousands of guitarist who tried out and could get potentially ripped of by LB.

Continuing the story. The infamous 251 st. auditioner. After reading all the posts. I thought this was BS. Untill I watched CNN and the coverage they did on the Atlanta audition. The coverage “Showed the Newest Member Of LB”!!!! You can quote me on that. Though CNN did not say that is was him. The reason I know this is because the same guy was at the Jax audition. And Described in the other posts on LB’s web site. Also in the coverage you can see the numbers 251 written on his right hand. A number was given to every person auditioning, which was written on the right hand by some assigned person of the auditioning venue.

The only reason this guy was at the auditions, and the bogus auditions where even held was to talk to people waiting and see what people thought of the “shitiest” and in the world. And to steal peoples idea’s. Wow! Whatagreat idea Fred you fucking marketing “Tool”!

This Needs to get out. This new fuck head’s name should be 251. Let’s reverse LB’s shitty idea, and turn it around on them. We made them we can break tham. LB has reached a all time new low. I didn’t even think getting that low was possible.

sincerely, a FAN of the real bands

– rexomus @

Alex’s story is in fact mostly true, although slightly exaggerated… The part about being there at 5:30am and being 83rd in line??? I was there at 6:30 and I was 53rd in line. Other than that, his story is for the most part true. Limp Bizkit sucks! Yeah, I was definately pretty mad. The first thing I thought upon hearing the cancelled the jam session was , “I can’t believe they even had the guts to make 200 angry guitarrists!” Angry guitarrists… hehe!! That’s the understatement of the year. I was cussing like a monkey on pot and I go to a Christian university! REALLY MAD!! I posted the sign “FRED ‘DIRTS’ IS A MORON!” on my dorm-room door. I have told everyone about how Fred Durst is a dirty goat humper, because as bad as it sounds, there is not one cuss word in saying that, so I can say it loud and not feel guilty. I haven’t cussed so much lately, but I’ll probably be mad for a long time. I mean I spent my whole day there and have nothing to show for it! A wasted day. I put so much into it also, and got jack. I got to hear DJ Lethal pee… that’s about as much as I got. I hope I got to witness to someone with my Jesus stickers on my guitar and case… that would make the whole thing worth it. If I didn’t get to do even that, then the whole day was just an excuse to miss class. Well, honestly, all in all, it was a great day. It was an absolutely AWESOME experience. I learned a lot, and got to meet a lot of cool people, and I got to have some bonding time with my friend.

However, Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit screwed us all over, and that’s not cool at all! It’s no wonder Wes left the band. I would have too. They have zero respect for guitarrists as far as I can see. And that’s not cool either. FRED DURST IS A DIRTY GOAT HUMPER!!! (I love saying that!)

one angry guitarrist,


i just wanted to back up everything that alex said in the email he sent you. i was their, and everything that he stated is 100% true. fred is an asshole. and this is not the first time he has fucked over his so called fans here in virginia. last time limp played here apart of the 99 family values tour, he went on the very same fm99 radio station to be interviewed by our fomer ultra cool dj jennifer white, and he got upset cause in the van that he was doing the interview at they have tons of bands stickers up, and he noticed that their were a bunch of korn stickers up and not any of limps he then proceded to curse out jennifer white and fm99, on the air, they were going live over the air as well. that was the day i stopped listening to limp.


I just wanted to tell you about the Virginia Auditions … it was actually pretty cool … until the band got there…everyone relaxed, tons of interesting people to see … guys playing guitar in the parking lot, some people signing…

My friend and I had let our sons skip school, they are 8 and 11 years old, and both DIE HARD fans…

So, about noon, the tour busses pulled up and there was word that the band might be out for like a meet and greet…So … we waited, and waited, and to keep busy, our kids even cleaned up the parking lot which was littered with trash that everyone had thrown around. So it got to be about 4pm and they said that the band would be out in between 5-6. The kids went around the side of the building, and who was there but the whole band! They were behind a gate, grilling dinner. So the boys were over there looking at them and calling their names, and THEY DIDN’T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THEM! They were 100 feet away from them, and they couldn’t acknowledge 2 kids … how messed up is that?? We made them come back around to the front of the building to give the band some privacy, and we heard that the “Jam Session” had been canceled. The guy that was making the announcement said that the band “may or may not” be out later… so we left with 2 very very upset little boys.

about 2 hours later, we heard on the radio that they had finally come out and were signing autographs (this was 730pm) SO, we haul ass back up there, and by the time we had gotten there they were already back in the busses. They begged security to let them back, but obviously Fred and the boys were too busy to come out to make 2 little boys happy. It isn’t like they would have had to deal with a crowd … no one else was there. Just two disappointed kids. I wonder how Fred would feel if someone did that to his daughter? I wonder how he would feel if he and his daughter waited ALL day to see someone and was told that they were too busy with groupies to come out and sign one autograph???

He wouldn’t be too happy, I am sure of that. I am going to leave you with my friends eight year olds last words as we were leaving the parking lot. “why do famous people do that to us?”

Thanks for wanting to hear that story… I used to be a huge Limp Bizkit fan, but after seeing the hurt in my 11 year old son’s eyes, I will never buy another album, poster, or tshirt…

– Dizzzigrl @

I read the account from Alex who I’m sure was at the Virginia Beach store on Friday when I tried out as well (I was number 91 in line I was there for 12 hours with a couple of doughnuts to eat all day). I knew this was a publicity stunt from the outset. I expected that. I ‘ve heard Sonny Mayo from “Amen” has already been offered the job of guitar player for Limp Bizkit.

It never made any sense that a band at that level would take someone off the street with no experience and put them onstage in front of an arena full fans that fell in love with Wes Borland’s music and expect that they would be comfortable enough to put on a good show. I’ve been in several bands and know that it takes more than musical talent to be a good performer.

But, they claimed it was a real search for a band mate. They weren’t looking for a hired gun with skills they wanted someone they could hang with and tour with, etc. Okay. I’ll show up. I don’t believe it’s real, but I enjoy playing and, honestly, I just wanted to know that I was good enough. I’ve won a competition, gotten interviewed by reporters, had my band’s picture in the paper, signed autographs etc. I know I can play Limp Bizkit riffs. I had a secret fantasy of being able to tell Fred Durst “no, Wes was right!” to his face.

After signing the contracts I immediately suspected what the real purpose of this “Talent Search” was. Wes Borland was the creative part of Limp Bizkit and he’s gone. I suspected, and told my new friends in line that I fully believe they would be recording our riffs, would then sample, dup and loop them through Pro Tools and that would be the new Limp Bizkit album. Everyone one of us changed what we were going to do for the audition.

I decided to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb” (Sample THAT! Fred!!) Of course with the amplifier set to Limp Bizkit settings it still sounded excrutiatingly heavy. I went to hit a harmonic and there was nothing there. I’m used to my Marshall amplifer. It’ll make my guitar scream. I couldn’t use my Amp. I couldn’t use my signal processor. I couldn’t use my guitar cable. I couldn’t use anything that would make me sound like me. And, i thought that’s what they were supposed to be interested in. Me being me! They had guitar tuners at the beginning and the end of the line to make sure we were all in tune with one another (saves them from having to do pitch correction later on). Fred’s got enough samples to create several ablums worth of stuff and sell them as Limp Bizkit, or some compilation from Flawless Records.

I heard that Fred Durst walked in on some kid’s audition and made him mess it up. Probably on purpose. The band was definitely there and in good health. There was no reason for them to cancel other than to slap everybody in the face just to get their attention. Again it’s a publicitiy stunt. When I was driving home FM99 had a Promo come on that said; “We interrupt this broadcast for a special annoucement; Fred Durst is a dirty goat humper!”

I don’t blame Guitar Center. I sure they lost loads on money with their store being effectively shut down all day long. They were great and very professional. I’m sure the management of the store feel taken advantage of. They made massive accommodations for this event and it turned into a near riot because Fred Durst is a Punk!


Hey jenn…Im dexter and i just wanted to let u know how the audition went today..Ok check it, i get there at 7 am and of course theres a fuckin line way around the block which i figured anyway..

Then 2 hours later i meet some koo peeps and finally get around the block,by that time it was probably like 3 and a half hrs later and finally some chick that worked either for freds label or guitar center comes out and tells us that our section of the line was 270 on up,ok good deal so i figrure we have at least another 3 hours before we actually get into the building,WRONG bout 30 min later some fat bastard that works there says to go home cuz they stopped a 300 and we were like BULLSHIT some chick we were 270 on up so FUCK OFF!!!!!!!,and at this point i was already gettin annoyed and pissed so i said fuck it im stayin theres no way i got up at 4 am just to get in a line with my ax and go home hell no so we stay and the guy says to hang tight..

Still no fat guy with any word so the line keeps movin a few peeps leave and fred had just showed up by that time and it was like 10 by that time so the temp was rising and peeps were gettin antsy,we wait and wait and wait still not knowing what the hell was goin on cuz i got all the necessary dirt i need to know bout this whole audition krapp and by the time we got around that block that had all changed like 3 times and i thought fred had the say so or at least some sort of say so in this and nope notta..

So we keep waitin we get no number and by this time i was gettin really PISSED, so finally by like 2 pm we get around the front of the building and were gettin there with little movement and the heat exausting us 3 pm were like half way to the entrance of the buliding and we start to get all the flyer bullshit including your email to all the guitarists but your shit was not bs it all sounded true as and everyone else agreed as well..Now i already was aware of the whole signing the release thing so whatever but what pissed me off is that half of these kids didnt even get to try out including me they didnt even get the full 60 which was lame and the band was not there just fred..And i was told that he look like he showed up either drunk or hungover which i thought if so thats fuckin lame and pointless cuz his judgement would be clouded…

Ok 4 pm now the cops are telling us that those of u without a number LEAVE NOW CUZ UR NOT GETTIN IN and im like who the fuck are u to tell all of us that u dont even work here and ur not a guitar player and the center keeps changing their minds on openin another audition booth but never happened half the line had left by then…And i recall fred saying that each and every one guitarist will be taken of and given a chance which was complete BULLSHIT too…

5 pm i say fuck it i go inside the place to shop to see if i could con my way in but i knew i had no chance so i shopped anyway knowing that i already lost total respect for fred anyways so i just said fuck it at least i have someting to go back to which is my own damn band and i didnt submitt any shit to his wack ass label anyways so oh well im just one loss of talent he lost out on and hell im better than that motherfucker anyways so he can fuck right off for the way he handled this publicity stunt that fuckin bastard…

LIMP WILL GO DOWN FOR THIS FOR SURE,they just fucked with hollywood and u dont do that more so than anywhere else and they also cancelled the jam sessions so fuck him and the rest of his band

so mail me back and sorry for the long shit but im givin details on what exactly happened from my end jenn so keep up the good work on this site and ill spread the word as well WE MADE THEM AND WE CAN BRAKE THESE FUCKERS AND IT WILL HAPPEN….

p.s. thankx for the e-mail at the audition im greatful….


In May of 2002, Spin Magazine printed an article about Limp Bizkit’s management responding to complaints from someone claiming that they wrote the account that Alex gave, above. His name? Will Wade. I wrote a letter to Spin and placed it as an open letter on the site for all to read, regarding the situation.

Dear Spin,

I am writing to in regards to your article about Fred Durst’s online tirade geared towards those of us who have the cojones to question his actions. You missed a large chunk of the story, and vastly overlooked the bigger picture. Where one of Bizkit’s management claims that Will Wade was the only guitarist that complained, there is plenty of proof that this is not so. Where might this proof be found? A quaint little website called How do I know this? I run it.

After posting Will’s story (the account was sent to me by a reader of the site, calling himself “Alex”), I received more emails of support than negative commentary, for the first time in the two years that the website has been up. I followed up the posting of Will’s story with corrective details from Will himself, with whom I got into a minor verbal spat, via email, due to his lack of tact and his unwillingness to provide proof that he was the actual person who posted it. The original post had been taken down from Harmony Central, and I was not about to sit at a computer for hours searching for proof that he was the original poster, as I do have a full-time job and a social life, contrary to the popular belief of the readers of Little did I know, that it would become a huge deal and I would be one of the subjects of Durst’s own “haterade.”

I also received emails from guitarists and musicians around the country who were at the tryouts (including the Virginia Beach auditions, mentioned by Will Wade), Harvey Kojan (program director of FM99 WNOR, the radio station that partially sponsored the VA Beach auditions), as well as angry friends and family members who traveled (some hundreds and possibly thousands of miles) with the musicians auditioning. None were all that happy with the events that they had participated in. Some were downright outraged, and I assure you, their anger can not be merely passed off as, “Oh, they didn’t get picked, they’re just bitter.”

I personally attended the auditions in Los Angeles, and handed out flyers for the website, and talked to many people standing in the baking sun… many were very nonchalant and knew that they probably wouldn’t get it. Most were very friendly and positive about the website. I soon realized that a lot of people were reading a piece of paper… one was handed to me, and it was the same account that “Alex” had sent me, Will Wade had claimed to have written, and that a young man had printed out on his computer and made copies of to hand out to the crowd. I noticed several guitarists get out of line after having read this and decide to NOT audition. Kudos to them for not wasting any more of their time.

So if Bizkit’s management wants to claim that Will Wade was the only musician disturbed by the contract (the purpose of which I fully understand and agree to, but the wording of the contract and the past Durst follies really lead me to believe that the auditions and contract were a bad idea in the first place, as well as nothing more than a publicity stunt gone horribly awry), let them come to me. I have several emails that I would love to forward to them, a few of which can be found on the web at [URL omitted due to no longer being active].



And ultimately, Limp Bizkit declined to choose a guitarist from the audition process, which leads many to believe that the entire thing really WAS a publicity stunt and a way to obtain new riffs from other guitarists, without having to pay them off for their artistic contributions (see 2002 Archive page for more on this).

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