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From the now-defunct

  • Christina Aguilera – We all seen the duet with Fred and Christina at the MTV 2000 VMAs, but the truth is, is that Christina doesn’t like Fred. When Fred explained why he did the duet, Christina responded back by saying: “You wish you got some nookie from it,” Aguilera responded to an MTV camera crew after she caught Durst’s explanation on-air. “He got no nookie. That did not happen, OK?” Aguilera explained. “I just want to clear the table right.there, and the thing with Carson too. Eminem’s whole song (The Real Slim Shady) did not happen, OK? It just didn’t, but it’s some really crazy stuff that people want to insinuate and people want to say, and it is hurtful.”
  • Taproot – Interscope VP Durst was one of many major-label headhunters courting TapRoot last fall, and TapRoot’s camp contends that Durst soured on the band in a major way when it started playing showcase gigs for other labels. Durst then vented his displeasure with the band and its management, Velvet Hammer, in a message on frontman Steve Richards’ answering machine. “Hey man, you fucked up,” Durst begins in the message, before going on to claim that TapRoot “embarrassed me and the Interscope family.” Durst also goes on to say that the band’s manager “is going to be blackballed and probably erased, and you will too.” The message has been making the rounds online as an audio file, and Velvet Hammer verifies its authenticity, though it denies any knowledge of how it turned up online. You can read more about the Taproot situation here.
  • Scott Stapp (Creed) – This is one of the most famous of the Limp Bizkit fights. It all started at the KROCK Dysfunctional Family Picnic during the summer of 2000. Fred had said that the lead singer of Creed is an egomaniac, and he’s a fucking punk, and he’s backstage right now acting like fucking Michael Jackson. Scott Stapp responded to this by saying “It takes a lot more guts to say something to somebody than from behind their backs.”

    During an appearance on Monday’s edition of “Total Request Live” Durst said that after the set, Creed’s camp presented him with an “anger management manual” autographed with a spiritual dedication. This rivalry seemed to cool down until Creed again took a swipe at Fred again by issuing a statement on Wednesday charging that he hurled vulgar comments and violent threats… totally indicative of a mobster. Having heard his recent comments about TapRoot and their manager, after they refused to sign to his Flawless/Interscope label, we feel that Fred has worn out his welcome as an artist spokesperson for our industry, the statement reads: “Fred’s vulgar comments and violent threats are totally indicative of a mobster mentality that this industry has tried to rid itself of in recent years. If Fred wants to represent our industry as a major-label senior vice president, then he should consider actually reading the anger management book that we sent to him or just return to being an artist that lets his music speak for itself.

    Fred responded back by saying Creed should take a hint and spend more time signing autographs than writing about me. Durst also responded to Creed frontman Scott Stapp’s open invitation to a charity boxing match, saying, “The boxing match sounds like fun, but I’d rather not resort to violence, since I’m busy doing a free tour.

  • Lars Ulrich (Metallica) – This started when Lars Ulrich wanted to sue the company Napster (the greatest thing to happen to the internet) for copyright infringement. Then, the controversial website has sponsored Limp Bizkit in the “Back to Basics” tour. Lars, being the Napster hater that he is, has made some non-friendly comments about Limp Bizkit and about Napster sponsoring the free tour. So far, Fred Durst has not yet responded to those comments.
  • Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) – This all started in the Nine Inch Nails video “Starfuckers Inc.” with Trent Reznor, the lead singer of NIN, throwing a baseball into a plate with Fred Durst’s face on it. It is not known why Trent did this, but he did. Fred responded this on the song “Livin’ It Up”, he said on the song “now who’s the starsucker? I’m the starfish you silly motherfucker”.
  • Richard Patrick (Filter) – Richard Patrick was once an friend of Limp Bizkit’s, until Fred Durst took a swipe at the second Family Values. He said that the second Family Values should’ve been left alone, and it shouldn’t have happened. Richard Patrick of Filter, responded to this by saying “I feel sorry for Fred, because I think any opportunity to be in front of the American youth culture is a wonderful thing,” Durst’s one-time Family Values tourmate, singer Richard Patrick of Filter, told MTV News. “Family Values is an alternative to the corporate sellout pop bullshit. There has to be a focus on abstract thought in this country and not a focus on how well some young boys and girls can shake their ass and lip-sync.” Patrick then went on to take a swipe at Durst for his appearance at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards: “Fred thinks that Family Values II is bullshit. You know what’s bullshit? Fred getting onstage with Christina Aguilera.”

From Wikipedia (because these summations are far better than we could slop together, as lazy as we are):

  • Slipknot -Durst was embroiled in controversy with the band Slipknot after lead singer Corey Taylor heard from a friend that Durst referred to their fans as “the fat ugly kids” in a Spin magazine interview.

    Shawn Crahan, one of Slipknot’s percussionists, threatened violence against him if he criticized their fans again, and Taylor later said in an interview with MuchMusic that he saw Durst as a great businessman, but not as an artist. In a 2001 post on Limp Bizkit’s website, Durst disputed the perceived ill will against Slipknot. He was quoted as writing, “We really like Slipknot and are very happy that they hate us, because it makes their music heavier, angrier and real!”This quote angered Chris Fehn, one of Slipknot’s other percussionists. Fehn later described Durst as being “…scared of us [Slipknot]”.

  • Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) – Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society, during the Aqua Teen Hunger Force show, said he cannot stand Limp Bizkit and in particular Durst, not for personal reasons, but because Wylde criticizes his enormous celebrity in the world of music business and gossip. Wylde often showed his hatred of both Durst and Limp Bizkit during live performances. BLS’s Alcohol Fueled Brewtality album has Wylde yelling “Limp Bizkit sucks cock” during the song “Superterrorizor”. Fred refused to comment on the situation with BLS even though many felt that he started the situation.
  • Britney Spears – In 2003, paparazzi photos were released showing Durst with pop star Britney Spears and rumors began to spread that the two were dating. This struck a nerve with some fans on the Limp Bizkit website. Durst had not mentioned anything about it, and it seemed out of character for him to be dating a pop singer like Spears. It was revealed that Durst was hired to help write and produce tracks for Spears’ upcoming album In the Zone, released later that year. The issue intensified when Spears appeared on TRL and denied the affair, saying she barely knew Durst, and that he was not her type.

    Durst later appeared on Howard Stern’s nationally-syndicated radio program to set the record straight. He claimed that, while they were never dating, they did have a sexual relationship while working with her on the album. He also mentioned that after Britney appeared on TRL he decided not to allow her to use his contributions on the album, though a spokesperson for Spears directly contradicted him, saying that it was her decision not to use the material, not Durst’s.

    While Durst claimed he only came forward with details about the relationship due to the paparazzi photos, he went into great detail on the radio show, including intimate details about Spears’ body, in response to Stern’s continued prodding. Spears later claimed that she regretted ever getting involved with “someone like Durst.”

    Several songs from Limp Bizkit’s Results May Vary were allegedly written about the affair and its aftermath, including the album’s first single “Eat You Alive”. Lyrics from the song include “Hey you, Ms. Too-good-to-look-my-way” and “I’m sorry, your beauty is so vain.” Though Durst denies any of the songs being directly about Spears, he did leak a song titled “Just Drop Dead” onto the internet in retaliation to some of Spears comments, and its lyrics do pertain to events that happened during the affair.

  • Placebo – As revealed on the Once More With Feeling DVD Extras, whilst on tour in South America, the two bands played the same evening. Trouble occurred when Placebo’s manager would not let Durst on stage as he did not recognize him and thought he was simply a fan trying to get an autograph. After eventually getting on stage, Durst began the chant “F**k Placebo.” Placebo roadie Adam Okrasinski, was later charged with aggravated battery when he allegedly punched a member of Durst’s entourage in an altercation that took place after the show between members of both band’s camps. Charges were later dropped in lieu of community service.
  • “Mancow” Muller (radio host)
  • – After Wes Borland left Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst was to be a judge in a Guitar Center competition allegedly to find the next guitarist for the band. Hundreds of people showed up to audition. Durst showed up late for the event, gave everybody in attendance the middle finger, then promptly left. In response, Muller posted a photo on his website of Durst flipping off the guitarist competition audience and began periodic on-the-air anti-Durst rants.

    For a full week leading up to Limp Bizkit’s Summer Sanitarium 2003 concert in Chicago, Muller continually mocked Durst on his radio show and invited listeners to attend the concert with anti-Durst placards. When Muller’s fans complied by showing up with the placards, openly taunting the singer, booing him and pelting him with refuse, Durst erupted into a profanity-laced homophobic tirade and left the stage only 17 minutes into the show. Durst was eventually sued for breach of contract (for not completing the show) by Chicago lawyer Michael Young in a class-action suit.

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