Reader Emails 1999-2003

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From Indoctrin, West Midlands, UK :

Finally, people who actually hate fred fucking durst. I have to say hes the most annoying bald fat bastard ive ever heard attempt to sing in my life (and bear in mind ive seen Medulla Nocte’s drummer).One main thing i truely hate is all these 10-12 yr old who decide their gonna go alternative so they only like limp, korn, etc etc etc . Yep i hate all these bands to be honest i only like black metal but when im in the street i dont need a 12 yr old asking me if i like limp and fred when i quite blatantly dont! then when i say “DO I FUCK” they call me a fake for not listening to him droning on about complete shite on the limp albums! I was listening to metal when they were sucking their moms nipple so how am i a fake? Now im not dissing Wes cause hes a good guitarist and the rest of limp are ok musicians but why did Mr Davis accept that tape from our fat cocksucking litte friend in that tattoo parlour???If it wasnt for Fred Durst this world would be a much better place with no 12yr old ppl who because they own a Limp hoody they think they own the place. please will someone kill Fred!!!!! and PS why do all the retards come here and say stop abusing fred?? Its all our own opinions so we have a right to express ourselve so you hermaphrodites can play HIDE AND GO FUCK YOURSELF!

[ Editor’s Note : We didn’t even read this and can’t tell if it’s hate mail or a various posting. If you can decipher it, please let us know…]

From StuDopE, Sacramento, CA :

FUCKING FRED DURST!! There is a couple reasons i hate this FAT, FUCKING BALD-HEADED, FAG! But before i get into the reasons why i hate the mufuka, let first say that i used to be a FAT Bizkit fan, way back before they blew up and EVERYBODY knew who they were. I first heard about them about 3hree years ago and at first I REALLY liked them! Their first CD was and still is dope! But when their 2nd CD came out….oh how extremely dissapointed i was. Then their 3rd…I completely lost what respect i had left for the band. And not only were they producing MASS QUANTITIES OF FUCKING GARBAGE!

But Fred, FUCKING, IMPOTENT, BALD-ASS, TUBBY, MUFKIN PIECE OF NO GOOD, UGLY, HORRIBLE, FLOP OF FAT FUCK Durst started talking MAD shit about my favorite band…a band who i would do NEthing for…The most HARDCORE, MUFUKIN, BAND ON THE FACE OF THIS SHITTY, FAGGOT-ASS, TRENDY-FUCK, BIZKIT-HEAD FILLED PLANET!! I’m talking about Slipknot. I have NO idea why fred would talk shit to a 9ine-member band. The only conclusion i can draw is that he wants his ass beat. And i can garan-damn-tee you 1ne mufukin thing, when Slipknot does catch up to that FLOPPAPOTUMUS…HE WILL CATCH THE ASS WHOOPIN OF HIS LIFE!!

And Slipknot isn’t gonna just whoop his ass…THEY’RE GONNA WIZIZIZIZIZIZIZAIZOOOOOOP HIS MUFUKIN ASS! IF I EVER SEE THAT PUDGEY FUCK, I’M FUCKIN HIM UP ON SIGHT!! Because not only did he talk shit about Slipknot, he talked shit about their fans too….BIG FUKIN MISTAKE, TONS OF FUN!!! Those comments just made you A WHOLE LOT OF MUFUKIN ENEMIES!! I took everything he said personal and i know want to RIP OFF HIS FACE AND SKULL FUCK HIM TILL I BUST A NUT ON HIS BRAIN!!! YA HEAR THAT SHIT FATTY….IM COMMIN FOR YOU!!

BTW…i have no problem with the rest of the band…in fact, i would VERY MUCH like to keep Limp Bizkit around so long as they got a new singer and
went back to their older, more hardcore style of music….L8terz

[ Editor’s Note : Pardon our crackfiend fans. I’m really wondering what the put in the water in Sacramento… and again, the staff at i hate fredd durst dawt net do NOT condone violence of any sort. It’s not cool. Even if Fred IS a chubby bitch. ]

From Bionic Bitch, Studio City, CA :


From macca, Western Australia :

First of all let me say that I have always hated Limp Bizkit from the very first time I heard Nookie ( perhaps the stupidest song in the last 10 years). Durst is absolute garbage wrapped in human skin and further proof of my theory that people who beleive in God and pray as he apparently does are the scum of humanity. Dusrt embodies everything I hate about America: stupid, fat, cousin-fucking tumbleweed hicks who winge like a woman with a bad case of menstrual cramps. I can’t beleve that kids are so stupid that they would buy into the image he presents of being the world’s biggest target for bullies. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!. Durst couldn’t give a flying fuck about his fan’s problems, he just wants their money.

[ Editor’s Note : Ehhh, I take issue with insulting Americans as a whole. I happen to be one and I assure you I’m not fat, I don’t fuck my cousin, I’ve seen a few tumbleweeds in my life, but that was out in the desert, and I certainly don’t whinge unless I’m dying. I’m only posting this submission because I don’t believe in censorship unless it’s blatantly offensive…ie; racially/sexually derrogatory. But c’mon people. I’m American. Most of the people who have posted to the “I hate Fred” sections of the site are American, but it seems to me that most of the people that DEFEND Fred are non-American. Hmmmmmm…I WONDER. ]

From Tommy Boy, Chatham, New Jersey :

Listen, Freddy is nothing more than desensitized propoganda sold 2 us by middle aged media America.
I’m almost ashamed to own the first Soulfly cd (SOULFLY KIX ASS) cuz of Bleed. I mean I cringe everytime I hear him squeal Bleed at the end of his little freestyle section in that song.

My favorite band and, should be yours too, is TOOL. This is a group of respectable, educated entertainers, who dont go around singing about a bad day, and wear stupid ass sailor hats like Durst. TOOL being so smart pointed something out. Now with shit bands like Linkin Park, and Limp Bizkit out there, they hav no lasting ability, they’re there and then they’re gone. They have no real talent, they’re just bands who feel that they stand up for something that is universally fealt by teenagers suffering from so-called “angst”. All Limp Bizkit is, is just a band that fills space, I mean there will always be magazine covers needed, and there will always be spaces as to where a music videos can be played, and all bands like Bizkit, Backstreet boys and Nsync do is fill that space.A band like TOOL is the next Pink Floyd, or Led Zeppelin, TOOL doesnt fill space, they make their own space and show you how it should be done.

They dont have anything to really establish themselves as some1 you can really respect. Could you compare a band like LB to TOOL? No you couldnt. I say ashamedly, that I hav heard all of LB’s 1st 2 cd’s and I tell you this from my sister’s obsession with them. they sing songs that hav really shallow topics, and no actual meaning to them. TOOL has great symbolism and hidden meanings in ther songs, and they still have room 2 be really funny with songs like “Die Eier Von Satan”, “intermission”, “4 degrees”, “LAMC”, and “Maynard’s Dick”.

all in all Limp Bizkit WILL be gone in less than 2 years. look for the bands that you know will last, and leave a lasting impact on the face of music and it’s listeners. bands that kick Durst’s ass are: TOOL, APC, Mindless Self Indulgence, The O, Slipknot, Smashing Pumpkins, Static-X, Madizm, Coal Chamber,NIN (Fred Durst best shut his mouth bout Reznor, b4 someone gets a bullet to do it) Rammstein, Fear Factory, Dope, Soulfly, Sepultura, SOAD, Slaves on Dope, V.O.D., Candiria, and everyone knows where my list goes on to by now.

From NIN Fan, Dubuque, Iowa :

It’s really a shame that talentless assholes get all the glory (goddamn MTV) while bands who actually kick ass (NIN in particular) receive little or no f’king credit. Fred has to bring a new album out every f’king year because he feels “the time is right”. Therefore, his music is a bunch of regergitated SHIT. NIN has only released four official albums since 1989 (not including remixes) and every song on every one of them kicks ass. If you hate Fred Durst (obviously) then give Starfuckers a listen. F’ck Fred for being a no-talent, sell-out, assface, shithead of a musician. Anybody who thinks differently never heard a good song in their life. By the way, who had the best tour of 2000 according to Rolling Stone. Sure as hell wasn’t Limp. NIN of course!

From Adam, London, England :

His ego is too big to fit through the door.
He wears stupid hats.
He’s 30 years old and he wears bermuda shorts.
He has a stupid beard.
He has no musical talent whatsoever.
He is the lead singer in a band that is the equivalent to BSB, only with more cursing.
Although he is a singer, he seems unable to make his voice sound any different to a cat being strangled in a paper bag.
He stole Wes Borland, who’s talent would not have been wasted so disasterously in any other real band.
He claims to be the Godfather of Nu Metal when the only reason he’s famous is because LB were spotted by KoRn.

From Ryan Kelley, Vinita, USA:

Ok, I used my full name and everything cuz people hate me for the hate i show for all this mainstream shit. My two favorite shirts say “I hate Fred Durst” and “I hate Abercrombie and Fitch” Those *mainstream* people really don’t know what there talking about in the first place. I read some of the the hate mail and one person said some crap about how Fred writes his own songs and how he sings them, and some more crap. O.K. the first thing I have to say about that… THAT’S NOT SINGING… I wouldn’t be surprised if he started barking to the audience and changed his name to Freddy D Dogg. Second, the part about his lyrics. If it wasn’t for someone else writing the lyrics to Faith, he would be nobody. Do you really think anyone would become famous because of the lyrics “I will straight up leave your shit”?? The last thing I have to say about the this band “The Fred Dursts” They used to be a band. Limp Bizkit. But not anymore. They used to play something of music. But not anymore. They used to have songs full of hard guitar a fast drums. But not anymore. Now, there’s this crap of turntables and digitalized recordings mixed in with this idiot trying to rap which does nothing but cause the DJ to edit every single line just to play them on the radio. The only thing good that came out of this whole Pop/Mainstream/Crap/FredDurst ReallySucks thing was Wes Borland. He’s awesome. Why he’s with that queer, I don’t know. Too bad there’s not any lead guitar players needed between the Rollin Rollin Rollins.
That’s all I’ve got to say.

From Derek Brealey, United States:

Ok, Fred Durst is the biggest poser in the world. He has NO talent, and he’s just so fake it’s not funny. How the hell can you go and make a song like “Break Stuff” and then not have the BALLS to accept a boxing match?? And as for picking on Reznor…well, I guess he just can’t stand the fact that Reznor has a thing called talent. I wish Fred wasn’t such a whiney little pansy so I could watch Scott Stapp knock his ass out! I hope Fred himself reads this and gets in contact with me so I can personally knock all of his dirty, cum-stained teeth out of his ugly head. And how the HELL did Fred and Limp Dick-shit get Godsmack mixed up in one of their tours???? Godsmack should’ve headlined that show! Fred, if you EVER get to read this, I have 2 words for you. (And since it’s been asked to keep cussing to a minimum) BITE ME!! You and the rest of the band can go rape sheep somewhere else. You belong OPENING for BOY BANDS!!!!!!! As much as I hate boy bands, they still have a lot more talent than you do.

From Teddy, Creed fan, New Orleans, LA:

OK first of all lemme say this: I hate rap, I hate Fred Durst. Rap-metal is horrible!! I hate having rock in the same sentence as rap!(oops just did it, oh well) It’s not even fair. I am an avid grunge and Creed fan. I hated Fred before, but when I found out about his comments on Scott Stapp, well I wanted to kill him. Fred has no talent, and dissing Scott, well it doesn’t make any fucking sense at all! Keep it up guys(this site)! I love this site, I’m so glad there’s finally a site like this! Go CREED!! OH and Fred, NIN and Reznor and Creed have more talent than you ever will. SO go to hell!

From Psycho JESSE, Fulton Illinois:

I think Fred sucks Big time!
All he sings about is him self and who he is so cool.
As for me,I am a MAGGOT,And no body messes with the Maggot’s!
Durst sucks and we all know that by now,
And all who don’t………..GET IT THREW YOUR HEAD!

From Alex (unadaddy), Jacksonville, Florida:

I was looking over this site and I would have to agree and disagree. The guy who posted in Fan Stories is true. Fred Durst and the band never came back to their so called “hometown”. They came, I believe, twice. The Family Valuse Tour and that Napster thing. I really think Napster forced Limp Bizkit here. Now, I do not hate Limp Bizkit but I do not like Fred Durst. He is a guy who starts shit with everyone and maybe one day someone will end his talking shit rampage. No, I do not want to go and kill Fred Durst. There is NO ONE I want to kill in this world, it is terribly wrong. But I hate Fred Durst. He is cool at times, but not 24/7. Now, on the other hand… Wes Borlan is funny as hell! Every time I see him, he does something crazy and I crack up. So, I have no clue what I have been typing, I just went on a typing rampage.. but hopefully you can understand why I agree and disagree with this site.

From Mark, Philippines:

It’s nothing just a piece of whatever. I showed the bif-naked Fred picture to my friends and they either skipped a throb or nearly fainted… Did Jon really paid to show his balls? Well I think not everyone can be endowed [hehe]. After I showed it to everyone, they started throwing bricks to my room window or hating me down in the streets. That’s okay. I’m also a fan, but with hate-love relationship, that is.

From Chris, Midland, TX:

I actually found out about this site from a Limp Biz…Limp Bi…(I can’t even type it)fan. Watching Fred and his ridiculously ignorant ride to fame and success has been quite painful. I sure would like to throw him into the middle of an old Slayer or Anthrax pit, just to see him lose that stupid, backwards fitted cap (and mayber take a shot or two to the jaw). I blame him for everything from the rise in adolescent illiteracy to the over all bad fashion. He irratates me so damned much I can’t even think of a decent way to completely bash the guy! Not even the goofy Boy bands do that to me. Please, for the good of all humanity, JUST MAKE HIME GO AWAY!!! That’s really all I have to say. I’ll fight Fred and his evil minions where ever I can, however I can. And I’ll do it all in the name of good taste!
Thank you, and good night…

From Chris Prewit, london, ken-suck-y:

yeah, limp bizkit sux, let me tell you about my experience

see, i’m not a recent “oh significant other sux, fred durst sux!” person, i’m and old school fred durst hater, even during the family values tour.

remember that limp bizkit song “counterfit” about how someone was posing as something their not? et tu fred? what the hell is he doing today? trying to rap and say fuck everyone like eminem. it’s cock shit. it’s cock fucking shit. it’s fucking cock shit. that’s what it is!!

it’s so bad all the preppy’s went to lb’s anger management tour last year…ugh!!!

From brandon, Rochester, NY:

fred durst should have never said anything about trent reznor. i ahev no respect for durst. I love this site and the site owner seems really intelligent. I hate Fred Durst with a passion. I think he is cocky and a sell-out., I am somewhat jealous, Because I can sing just as good as he pretends to. And why is he so pissed. He has no reason to be pissed. anyway, keep up this site, it stand for my hatred for FD, so keep up the good work, LOL

From mook, Midlands UK:

I discovered why Fred wears them lame red baseball caps. Its to stop his big head from exploding. If he took it off, KA-BOOM.

From Paul Oak, Ontario, Canada:

Ahhh… I remember the first time I heard Limp Bizkit… I thought it was garbage then, and I think it is garbage now.

Anyways, I remember toking back on some sweet sweet ganja when a friend threw some CD into the stereo. This strange sound started to eminate from it. It was that “song”(heh) called FAITH. Boy, did it ever suck. Yet, my friends were listening to it, and actually enjoying it!! I was deeply puzzled. On further investigation, I found that it was a band called “Limp Bizkit”, ‘what a shitty name’, I thought. Fortunately, I had some other friends there who agreed with me. It was quickly put to an end… but then something hideously ironic happened, they started to appear on television CONSTANTLY!! “What has happened to this world!” I cried! “Boy Bands, and now this!!?” Then later on, “Woodstock ’99” came about. That’s when I lost it. A festival originally devoted to love, peace AND TOLERANCE totally butchered into a festival of hatred and INtolerance! “Corporate America has gone too far this time!” I yelled. They exploited one of the finest rock concerts in history, and turned it into a total disgrace… and of all the people who provoked the crowds… it was that bastard DURST!! I couldn’t believe it!! For the rest of the summer I was talking to people about it, yelling into their ears! It should have been called hatestock ’99!! That is when my burning hatred for Corporate America began, and my quest to rid youth of ignorance. Down with Limp Bizkit and corporations, they are draining meaning and depth from every place they stretch their diseased veins. The Robot Generation must wake up sometime. Unfortunately, I believe that time will only come when their skin is bubbling off, and the ozone is all but gone. The planet, nothing but a barren landscape of decay. But, Fred doesn’t mind. He probably thinks that his “aliens” will save him.

By the way, GREAT SITE!!

From Lisa, Cincinnati OH:

The one thing you do not do is go around talking shit about Trent Reznor. I truly believe that he is one of the most talented artists ever, and whether you like the type of music he composes or not, you have to at least admit to that much. I also don’t appreciate Fred putting down some other artists such as Scott Stapp. I think that as an artist, you should appreciate your fellow musicians and that Fred must be pretty immature to have to always try to dissuade people from liking talented bands or people. I will put up with Limp Bizkit’s rendition of “Faith” and their song “Rearranged,” but Fred disgusts me and I can not bring myself to becoming a Limp Bizkit fan or respecting that band. Has there been any attempt to quiet Fred by Wes or any of the other members of Limp Bizkit? None that I’ve seen. TRENT REZNOR IS GOD!

From The Everlasting Godstopper, Ft. Wayne, IN:

Fuck yeah, this site just joined my ANTI-DURST, ANTI-MTV, ANTI-RADIO webring. and i will tell u why fred durst is a fucking idiot. my main gripes are that dissed Slipknot fans. Im a die-hard slipknot fan and im not a fat little kid. Then he called up Taproot (a great band) and basically told them that they fucked up. THEY DID THE BEST THING BY NOT LETTING DURST BE ASSOCIATED WITH THEM. And he schmoozes with pop stars and sings a faggot, whiny voice while acting like a fucking rapstar. The band members need to get a fucking clue and get out while they can. WES is on his way out and im glad he is getting rid of the stupid fuck. DURST IS A FUCKING IDIOT and his music fucking sucks.

ANYONE WHO LOVES METAL can sign up at my MSN metal community called MeTaL DiSeAsE !!! its at WE HAVE OVER 80 MEMBERS AND ITS SO FUCKING COOL !!!!


From Shauna & Sam, Vienna, VA:

We have just one thing to say: Trent Reznor is god. Actually we lied, we have a couple more things to say. The aforementioned comment was made because of Freddy’s comment about Trent Reznor, I believe it was “Fuck you Trent Reznor.” What an ass.

From Jeroen, The Netherlands:

AAARRRHHHGGGG!!! Limp Bizkit is so fuckin’ popular down here, in Europe! Can’t stand it! Everybody listens to that crap-music!
(Think it’s because they never heard of ‘rock’ before. I think it’s quite more opera or shit). Also made couple of tee-shirts, saying
“BEWARE! FRED DURST HATER”. Already put the URL of this (awesome) site on it, keep up the good work! (Not you Fred!)

From salma, Alexandria, VA:

SCOTT STAPP FOREVER. That’s all I have to say.

From Elle, Chicago, IL

[referring to #1, 3, 4, and 5 of the post below]
Jennifer from LA, you are right on the money with those!!! The thing about making him VP of a record company without any real knowledge of the business let alone only being in the spotlight for a short time (you know when he became VP) is just unbelievable. Fred Durst sickens me to the point where I can even see his mug on the tv without having to turn the tv off. And that performance with Christina Aguilera at the VMA’s was just the pinnacle of tastelessness. I am just so sorry to see all these fans not see through his bullshit and get a clue about what Fred is really about, not the fans, not the music, but getting his corporate, Mister Charlie loving ass on the tv. He should be publicly humiliated and break his ego down to the underground.

From Paul, South Carolina

I really hate Fred. He’s a [derogatory comment I refuse to post due to bigotry against homosexuals]. After the Family Values Tour, he dissed Filter, my fav band. So for that reason alone, he’s a [read above].

From Benji Lee, The Alpha Quadrant

Oh my gawd, Fred Durst is such a narcissistic prick! I’m so glad that this website exists! A lot of my friends hate him, too! Kick ass, and good luck with the future of your website!

From Alex S., Carson, CA:

Fred Durst Fucking Sucks! This guy is a little puss…He talks so much shit about people and when he’s confronted about it….he will say some made up bull about the person/band! I want to see him try that shit in front of the persons face….he’ll get his ass kicked!

From Aaron Cross, Orange County, CA:

I heard that Fred is from Florida, is that not indictment enough. Yes, Florida – California’s ugly little half-brother, where New Yorkers go to die. That’s really what we need, a bunch of bitter old blue haired New Yorkers strolling around with their withered old knees hanging out of Bermudas.

Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA:

I would like to issue a warrant for Fred Durst’s arrest on the crime of impersonating someone with talent and something to offer the world. The evidence held against him is as follows:

1. He’s a senior VP at Interscope. WHAT?! I know more about the biz than he knows about getting a piece of ass. Who the hell made THAT decision? They should be arrested as an accomplice.

2. Taking over the Family Values Tour only to turn it into RapFest ’99. Successful? No. Almost every review/opinion I’ve heard about the tour has included a phrase similar to the following: “It was good but there was too much rap.” Besides, who the hell wants to go to a concert where there are thousands of angsty white males beating the crap out of each other and thousands of angsty black males beating the crap out of each other….you just KNOW something racially motivated is gonna happen, and with the way crimes are going today among ALL angsty males….injuries? Certainly.

3. Limp Bizkit’s songs all sound the same. (Don’t dispute it, because you KNOW it’s true!)

4. The “directorial debut” of Mr. Durst’s was just shit. The video for “Nookie” was just a bunch of chicks following him around. Yeah, that really takes a whole lot of talent………NOT. Freddy, darling, it’s just because you have money and you’re in a band. They don’t want you for the looks you don’t have. Give it up.

5. The two-part gimmick for MTV to play those new videos of theirs….LAME! (Drowning in milk?! C’mon!)

6. Covering “Jump Around” by House of Pain is just blasphemy. That was the last straw.

So, ladies and gentlemen, and all fans of decent music, please consider the evidence presented to you, and make the wise decision to give Fred Durst a collective “FUCK YOU, YOU NO-TALENT FAKER! FUCK OFF AND LEAVE THE INDUSTRY!”. Thank you, and good night.

From John, Norway :

Man limp used to rock……than they became a fucking sellout group,and started doing shit like chocolate suckmyballs starfish and fuck fred durst flavored water….that just tipped it!!!!why coulden they stay good??no!!!Midget Fred had to fuck it up!Man all that time i listened to them!!!its a shame a shame i tell u!!!!!

From “I hate fred durst and thats all you have to know”, Not Jacksonville :

Well i used to like limp bizkit back in the days of 3dolla bill and signifigent other, as a matter of fact they were my favroite band. When it came time for Starfish, I Preordered it i think four weeks in advance. When it finally came i thought it was the best cd ever(little did i know i was just glad to have it) then i started to hate it and my intrest in Limp Bizkit started decrecing. Dissing trent was the final straw, I was done with limp bizkit. check out my anti fred site:

From Bernard, New York Fuckin City HardCore :

I used to loved limp 2 years ago. I was a limp fans.
BUt, when I saw their concert last year, it was the most suckfuckinshit concert i’ve ever seen. I thought they played good music. they were suck.
What a fucK!!!!!! A rock band performed with cheerleader…shit!!! I think they’re fuckin boy band. Or maybe they’re disco band!!!!!!
I thought they were a cool band, but they’re really suckssss!!
I hate limp now…Limp biz….is fuckin ass hole…Fuck..FUCK..FUCK..FRED DURST..FUCK LIMP…….FUCK YOU..fuck limp fans……..fuck everybody..fuck everything you stand for..fuck this site……
fuck you…..fuck me!!!! limp bizkit kontol..ngentot…anjing..bangsat….keparaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!!

[ Editor’s Note : This submission was most likely done while smoking that mad crack rock they have in NYC. Please excuse Bernard. ]

From Velvet Jones, Knoxville, TN:

I used to live in Jacksonville, the “home” of Limp Bizkit. Now, we all used to like them. Hometown boys and all that. It didn’t take long for Fred to piss everyone off. At first, I remember Freddy saying “I’ll never leave Jacksonville.” RIGHT…withing months of saying that, he was off to California to fuck up Interscope. Then you have them saying how much they love playing in Jacksonville, only to NEVER FUCKING COME. They played ONCE, on the first Family Values Tour (and let’s face it, that was Korn’s tour, not Limp’s). They never fucking came back. All this was irritating, and by this point, the rap metal novelty had worn off, especially Bizkit’s testosterone-laced sideshow bullshit. Then Fred has to do the Eminem thing, and start going after rival musicians. The thing with Eminem, though, is not only that he’s better at it (because he actually seems dangerous, unlike the red-hatted dwarf), but he attacks people for valid reasons, and most of them have no artistic credibility anyway. Fred talked shit about Trent Reznor, who has more talent than Durst in his damn fingernail clippings. Now and forever, I hope Fred Durst dies of the syphilis (and scabies) he contracted from Christina Aguilerialopezsanchez.

From Brian, London, England :

As everyone knows, Limp recently cancelled the Milton Keynes date of the Anger Management tour in England. No disrespect to Limp as whole because I think the whole lot of them rock like motherfuckers. Aside from Freddy Boy, of course. Is it any wonder the downs-syndrome redneck monkey crippled his back and had to cancel this concert? When you prance about like a horny chicken on acid and bop like all three members of Hanson are playing trumpet on your cock it’s no wonder his spine could no longer support his fat little ass. That concert would have rocked, it had quality acts like the Deftones and Godsmack “supporting” (rest assured the Deftones would have made that red-capped shit look lame as hell). Fred could have done the fucking concert sitting down, who wanted to see his fat ass prancing about anyway? Much respect to the Deftones though, who played a totally seperate gig to make it up to their fans (with Chino ripping the piss out of Durst the whole time, well done). It’s FUCKING TWO WEEKS since Durst supposedly crippled himself so severely and now he’s on page four of Kerrang having made a miraculous recovery. Pussy is my one and only word to describe it. I love KoRn but I have to say the biggest mistake that Jon Davis ever made was to consider letting Fred come along on the Family Values tour. Fred Durst sucks, and Wes should just kick his fat little ass and take over the band himself.

From Matt, San Diego, CA :

Like many of the bands who are on “TOP” now, I feel have sold out and changed the way they play music, I had seen Limp Bisket last year at the smoke out in LA and the rest of the artist kicked ass, but LB can kiss my ass. when he plays it is almost like he hates the fans, and what really gets me is that that the 14 year old girls love it….it sucks but they are the ones who control whos popular and not….Do I really care though, no, alot of the bands I LOVE arent popluar like NOFX. Fred durst can kiss my ass….

From Kristina, Chicago, IL :

I was at the Limp Bizkit show last year here in Chicago and my boyfriend and i managed to get backstage passes. My boyfriend really liked (notice past tense) them back then so when we got back stage, he saw Fred and said “God damn! ou’re Fred Durst! I fucking love you, man.” Fred looked at him and then looked at me and said “Fucking teeny-boppers. Don’t fucking touch me. Don’t you know who I am?” and walked away. We left right after that. Now my boyfriend hates them because of Chocolate Starfish, their new CD, because Fred’s a fucking sell-out. He’s the teeny-bopper with all his new fucking slow ass love songs. Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit will never be anywhere close to Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. (Wes is cool, though. He apologized for Fred’s bitch behavior)

From Kyle, Albuquerque, NM :

Dont know the date but i know the concert it was family values tour 99 and fred durst kicked my favorite band out of the tour because he was throwing a temper tantrum, because the band taproot wanted to play in the tour and fred got mad and agreed to let them so he kicked soad out!!! what a bunch of bull fuck fred and limp bizkit fuckem all!

From Chris Prewit, london, ken-suck-y:

yeah, limp bizkit sux, let me tell you about my experience

see, i’m not a recent “oh significant other sux, fred durst sux!” person, i’m and old school fred durst hater, even during the family values tour.

remember that limp bizkit song “counterfit” about how someone was posing as something their not? et tu fred? what the hell is he doing today? trying to rap and say fuck everyone like eminem. it’s cock shit. it’s cock fucking shit. it’s fucking cock shit. that’s what it is!!

it’s so bad all the preppy’s went to lb’s anger management tour last year…ugh!!!

Taken from a review of the KROQ Weenie Roast written by oio of Orange County, California:

Obviously oio doesn’t want to have anything to do with Freddy. I moved away from the front at about seven feet per minute; that’s how packed in it was down front. I finally got out of the danger area after they’d finished their first song. One nice thing I noticed was the lack of interest in Limp this time around. Yeah, there were thousands of yelling and screaming fans at Freddy’s request, however there were also thousands of fans just kinda standing around. This gave me some faith in the average KROQ listener.

Hopefully Limp Idiot has peaked and their overexposure, oops I mean: popularity will begin to wain. From the couple of reports I’ve heard about the new Limp Bizkit album, “Chocolate Hot Dogs” (or whatever it is), it’s rather sub-par. Who knows though. Just like last year, that idiot, Fred, called people down from the seats into the area in front of the stage. UNLIKE last year, people were smart enough to ignore this request (again, giving oio more faith in the average KROQ fan).

Speaking of “faith”… Freddy announced after one song that he wanted to take some requests from the audience. oio requested him to leave the stage in a very loud voice, which earned unhappy glares from a couple nearby people. “Faith” was the supposedly requested song. This one song is the only reason to listen to Limp Idiot in my opinion. It’s funny and odd to hear such an entirely different take on the George Michael classic. Unfortunately for Limp, it’s only a novelty for so long. And that novelty time expired, in my opinion, the fourth time I heard it.

During Lit, Freddy Durst walked by me with his HUGE entourage. I got to call him a “fucknut” and show him one of my fingers. Usually oio’s a pretty mellow, easy going kinda guy. But with such a great opportunity, and with the hatred I have for that midget of a man, I couldn’t pass up perhaps my only chance to tell him how I felt about him to his face. He looked at me when I called him the name, wrinkled his face, in a “screw you” kind of manner, and continued walking.

My favorite part of STP’s set? -Scott telling Freddy Durst that he was full of shit. Friday night, at Live105’s BFD, in the Bay Area, Freddy had said something to the effect of: “There’s no better crowd than in Northern California.” Scott said Freddy was full of it, and that Southern California was where it’s at. Now I can understand a band pandering to the local crowd, but for Scott to say this was pretty funny.
Funnier still was Freddy’s reaction. During all of STP’s set up to this point, he was singing along and dancing, seemingly enjoying himself. Once Scott said what he did though, Freddy waved at him in a “Fuck you, you don’t know what you’re talking about” kind of way, and stood motionless for the remainder of STP’s time on stage. It appeared Freddy was saddened at the truth getting out.

On the way home, I figured this out: Limp Idiot is the Backstreet Boys. Hear me out, before you tell me I’m full of shit…In between each artist, on the giant video screen were various clips of tape from “Adventures with Fred Durst” or something like that (any Dim Bizkit fans can clue me in, if those were *cough* “highlights” from a Limp Idiot home video). The clips consisted of all sorts of things. Freddy driving around with Pauly Shore; recording in the studio; talking about ass hair; you get the idea. Any time Freddy was pictured on the screen, the crowd went apeshit. I hate to admit it, but I’ve seen clips of BackN’SyncBoys and the crowd’s reaction to them was identical to the crowd tonight with that idiotic little prick, err uh, I mean Fred Durst. The age of the mindless crowd is about the same. Both have a billion albums sold – with only two hit songs total. Both are marketing geniuses. Both have multi-tiered stages with steps (hmmm but then again, so did Barbara Streisand). The girls go nuts for Freddy, the girls go nuts for the 98BoyDegrees.

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