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GUITAR CENTER WAS A SUCCESS! Passed out flyers to the masses to advertise the site, also managed to run into someone who was passing out “Alex’s” story. Saw everyone in line reading it. Tracked down the guy, hugged him, got a kiss on the cheek, and he disappeared. Awww.

Recorded a spot for KLSX 97.1 promoting the site… hopefully it’ll get played! Also managed to get the flyer into the hands of some KROQ people. Should be fun! Have received emails from most of the DJs at KROQ regarding emails I sent them. Much love to most of you who replied!

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August 27, 2002 :: 12:31:00 PM

Hello, all. Your good friend Joe The Peacock here.

I took a moment to visit the OFFICIAL Limp Bizkit Website today. Feel free to click the linky and check it out as you read along with me, it will open in a new browser window. [Note: Website obviously looks much different now.]

Upon entering the URL and clicking “GO” in my interweb browser address bar, I was transported magically to a mystical realm that transcends thought and feeling. This site is quite possibly the best example of artistic expression I have ever seen in my entire life. But what else would you expect from the prolific Durst?

The first thing that grabs your attention is the Flash animation that begins once you finally touch down on this landing pad of fun. I noticed immediately that in the animation, there are 4 characters representing the Limp boys that seem to grow smaller if you move your mouse to the right and larger if you move your mouse to the left.


The attention to detail is absolutely impeccable on these renditions of the Fred Durst 4. If one zooms the camera out far enough, full body shots of the band become visible, which is where the painstaking attention to detail really shines: the obvious simian ancestry of Mr. Durst is captured in full color and rendered perfectly. Notice the oversized hands, the elongated arms, the tendency to flench and squat… it literally SCREAMS “decended directly from apes.” This is 21st century artistry at it’s finest, folks, and it is captured and displayed with the most advanced Flash programming you are liable to see anywhere. Zooming. Motion. More than 4 colors. I cannot BELIEVE how programatically profound this particular exhibit is. But the magic doesn’t stop there. OH no, my friends.. there is more.

There is MUSIC playing in the background.

Limp Music.

And if your senses are honed to notice such subtle things, you can notice that the characters’ heads are BOBBING! YES, I SAID BOBBING! This is 100% fact, dear readers! What’s more is that once the lyrics of the song begin to be masterfully enounciated by that most genterly of statesmen, Mr. Durst, the character representing Mr. Durst’s mouth BEGINS MOVING in time with the lyrics! Now, I would consider THIS to be the pennicle of website construction mastery, but there is something that overshadows it by a long shot.

The artistic statement of allowing visitors to come onto the site and actually see for themselves the construction process is nothing short of genius. The graphic “Under Construction” in a stencil font is second only to “NEW SITE COMING SOON DOT DOT DOT”, which speaks to the inner soul of the viewer to let them know that throughout the hardship and struggle that website construction holds, the Limp Bizkit boys don’t care WHO sees the construction as it happens. Note the repeated use of the words “Filler text Filler text Filler text” across the FRONT PAGE of the site.. I am held captive by my amazement. Leave it to the official Limp Bizkit website to defy EVERY SINGLE CONVENTION OF WEBSITE CONSTRUCTION AND USABILITY and do it so masterfully. This is a statement no other band who is actually signed to a major label with real money to spend on a website would dare to make… oh no. THOSE bands would hide behind a completed temporary page. They would write a short paragraph about the current state of the site and what to expect once the construction of thier site is finished. They wouldn’t DARE be all true and real and whatnot like the Bizkits. God, they are so Hardcore.

Delving deeper into the site was a task I simply was unable to handle, as the elation over the front page left me with barely the energy to click the “X” on the top right of my broswer window and catch my breath. Knowing that the profound musings of the prolific Durst await me in the FRED NEWS will definitely have me returning… I was unable to find, however, any John Otto, DJ Lethal, or Sam Rivers News sections… I guess those guys either don’t feel the need to have a section they can post to to communicate with fans of thier band or lack the artistic vision that thier visionary frontman possesses in SPADES. I know that this is ihatefreddurst.net/com, so forgive my fawning over this ARTISTE, but after visiting the site I am left with nothing but adoration for this man and his ART.

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November 01, 2002 :: 2:55:00 AM

Oh the joys of seeing Mindless Self Indulgence… AND HAVING FRED DURST BE THERE. Ah yes, it happened, on Tuesday. Why did I wait so long to post about it, being that it’s the early morning hours of Friday? Let’s see:
Tuesday evening: Stood in line outside of The Whisky a Go-Go until 8PM. Passed out IHateFredDurst.com stickers to people in line. Managed to slip the manager from Deadsy one, even though he refused it at first, claiming Fred as “[his] boy”. Yeah, okay dude. Just take it. He did.
Tuesday night: Saw two of the shittiest bands on the face of the planet… Opiate For The Masses (I cringe at the fact that I’m even giving them any mention on this site, but it is merely to warn you away from them), and Deadsy. Now, I understand that Deadsy is popular among you nu-metal angsty whateverthefuckispopular right now fans… not that I keep up with that shit. I’m too busy combatting the evil forces of Fred and emo music, okay? So anyway, don’t bitch me out because I don’t like Deadsy. I just don’t think that being Cher’s son should have anything to do with you having a record deal. Oh look, I’m a popstar’s son! My mommy has money! I can play music, too! Lookit me, lookit me! Fuck you. And then I saw MSI… Whee!
Wednesday morning: Sleep and lots of tea due to a sore throat. I’ll explain why in a few minutes. Thank you to my friend Lori for letting me crash on her futon, and to her boyfriend Jim and my friend Megan for keeping me company! I love you guys! :D
Wednesday afternoon/night: Shower, dressed, off to The Troubadour to see Dog Fashion Disco, a really neato local band called Ima Robot, and MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE (again).

So yeah, here I be. Friday morning, about to go to bed… and a friend tells me that kids on the Deadsy boards are posting about the chant we had going at The Whisky show. Oh really?
“The best is when people started to chant FRED DURST SUCKS”
“Is it only me or do you get annoyed on how some of the celebs try to alienate themselves in there own private section?”
“Fred Durst was at the Whiskey show with Mark Mcgrath. IT was really bad when the crowd starting chanting either ‘fuck fred durst’ or ‘fred durst sucks’. I cant remember which. Needless to say the crowd was not impressed.”

Yes, we were chanting “Fuck Fred Durst!” at the show. A rather large group of us… 30 seconds after which, I turned around to see Fred looking at me from the VIP section of the balcony. I waved at him and yelled, “Hey Fred! Fred, I love you man!” and if looks could kill, you’d be calling me Daniel Pearl right now. (Too soon?)

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December 03, 2002 :: 7:12:00 PM

The voting Interactive Music Awards “People’s Choice” Award has ended! And guess where we placed?

Out of the top 1000 websites that have something to do with music, we ranked #377. This, at first, was slightly disappointing to us, since we were at #334 in 2001, but then we scrolled down the list to see who was beneath us. Boy, oh boy, were we ever shocked!

At #398 is major British music mag NME (nme.com), #488 is Weezer.com, #490 is Dotmusic.co.uk (the sponsor of the award!), #498 is Bjork’s official site (bjork.com), #533 is mp3.com (!!!), #720 is the Nirvana Song Archive (nirvanasongs.com), #721 is radiohead.com (which usually places rather high on the list), and amusingly enough… bbc.co.uk comes in at #749.

(And for the record, I’m quite happy that Depeche Mode’s official website is in the top 3 ranking… being that they ARE my favorite band, and they DO have an absolutely amazing website!)

Thank you for all of your votes, and hopefully next year, we can make it to the top 100… but I consider it a success to be listed over 100 rankings above the official Weezer website!

Be sure to tell us what you want to see on this website, on the bulletin board, while we’re spiffing up the place for the new year.

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December 20, 2002 :: 1:18:00 AM

Hi to the people at Priority Records who are checking us out. I personally love your label, since you happen to have a spectacular artist roster (including one of my personal favorites, Godhead).

Don’t think I check the webstats? I know who looks at what, and when ;)

So yeah, if you Priority people are truly interested in what’s going on with this site, please feel free to drop us a line. I’m actually pretty nice… sometimes. Or so I’m told.

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