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I received the following email today after having a really shitty week. I’ve had nothing but bad luck since Friday (stupid fucking Friday the 13th…) even if I did get last minute passes to see Linkin Park on Monday (YAY ME!)….and it totally cheered me up…to this man, I say, marry me. I love you. Please. *kneel and beg* You are the first person to finally get what I’m doing here! I can’t believe someone else noticed the Eve6 lyric! I’ve been bitching about that since the song came out! And thank YOU sir…for making my week that much better!

Well, I’d actually just like to compliment you on creating an extremely great website!

I’ve hated Fred Durst for a while now…ever since he decided to sell out (or so that’s what I believe) whenever Limp came out with their sophomore attempt at an album. I got it just because songs like “Counterfeit” and “Sour” gave me enough fuel to get over my extremely awful lovelife at the time. I found only 2 good songs on there. Right at that moment, I knew something was awry, and thus, my hatred for the poser surfaced.

I personally love the rest of The Fred Durst Five, because they actually have talent, and show it. Wes is an awesome guitarist, John is an extremely good drummer (not as good as my buddy Mike, but that’s a whole ‘nother story ^_^), Sam I actually look up to, since I play bass, and I’ve liked Lethal since back in the day when I used to Jump Around.

Fred is just the pure definition of a no-talent poser. I call him a poser because…well…for one, I can rap better than him, or so I’ve been told. He rips lines for some of his songs, which I believe is completely and totally stupid. If you ever listened to “Nookie,” the line “Put my tender heart in a blender” is a line to a Eve6 song…which really pisses me off, ’cause I like that song = )>.

Anyways…kudos on creating something that I know a lot of people want to hear/see — something or someone just speaking their mind about Fred Durst (and even Slipknot/ICP…I don’t like that whole Mask/Makeup thing).

My 2ยข…thanks for reading.



You may have noticed that the site was down. Way to go for being observant! We care. So much. Honest.


Well, damn. Thanks to a wonderful person who shall remain nameless…we now own ihatefreddurst.com!!! YAY! This will soon be incorporated into our site somehow. Don’t worry. We’ll still be here. We still love you!


Had a bit of a scare. Power supply for Fletcher (the computer that this website is designed and saved on) blew up. Literally, with a spark and lotsa icky-smelling smoke. Nearly gave me (Jenn) a heart attack, as all the new posts and whatnot were on the hard drive. Didn’t know til today if they were safe or not. Luckily, everything is fine (that I can tell), and a new power supply has been installed (remember kids : DUCT TAPE IS YOUR FRIEND!). Now to find time to work on the site….. hahahahaha…. yeah okay, we’ll all stop being slackers soon. We promise!


Right. Remember that DotMusic thingie we had on the front of the site for the last month or so? Well, we didn’t win (damn), BUT, we did impressively well, considering we registered at the fuckin’ last minute. Out of the top 1000 sites [link may or may not work], we managed to come in at 334. Almost the top third. Now think about it, how many music sites are there on this vast internet? Probably millions. How many were voted on for this contest? Probably around 100,000 or so. Where did we place? 334. THAT IS EXCELLENT! Thanks for voting you guys. You make us proud :)

Maybe next year we can go for the top 100… or even the top 10, yeah?

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