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“You’re like a blind, mute painter…”

By , June 16, 2009 08:51

CLICK HERE to hear most of the interview!
…or click here to go directly to 91X morning show recap page and listen there and not listen there, since Interscope “censored” them.

Fred’s tweet a few minutes before the interview said, “what a good thing to embrace on an afternoon of love” …no love here, buddyboy… no love here. Durst claims he enjoys Morrissey and The Smiths, but cannot name one single song, after audibly fumbling for a few seconds. Mat asks him about the juxtaposition of Durst claiming that he put Limp Bizkit on the back-burner because it was fueling bullies* and Limp Bizkit’s ONE performance in the United States being at UFC 100 in Las Vegas, to which Fred responds that he thinks it was a good quote. No real answer, though. Huh? Fred also managed to bite the hands that fed him by dissing TRL. Nice job, fatty.

The interview, which mainly relied on subdued jabs, ended with 91X’s Mat Diablo scoring a definitive TKO. Fred got knocked down once early on, when a no-no word from his everyday vernacular slipped into his verbal spewage, causing the show to use a delay to their advantage. Once Mat took his final uppercut to ol’ fatty’s pathetic ego, the low-rent Bruce Willis lookalike had to be dumped completely for letting some choice curses fly. Victory goes, once again, to those with good taste!

* Note: Which Fred also claims in an interview, that connects him to Miley Cyrus, in that they were both “beaten up” in high school here – the comments are deliciously entertaining and one commentator claims she went to school with him and he was NOT bullied. Another Miley Cyrus comparison for you, while we’re on the topic, recently Miley’s been getting some flack for her handlers hanging up during radio interviews or ending them early – Fred’s handler interjected into the interview this morning, twice. Redcap needs a babysitter… awwww! Are you going Disney, Dursty?


Looks like someone got his widdle feewings hurtededed… d’aaaaaaaaaawwww :(

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Pastriphobia Anyone?

By , February 3, 2002 15:00

Anyway, our faithful correspondant, and future staff member, Jeremy sent me this :

Hi again Jennifer, Happy New Year. MTVonline had an interview with Wes about what a horrible sell-out he felt until he left Bizkit. One of the links led to an article about their auditions for the “illist” guitarist to replace him (I think it’s just Fred trying his hip-hop ebonics again, I don’t think they’re really visiting cancer clinics and intensive care wards). Amongst the crap was this lovely little nugget of news.

Although Limp Bizkit and their handlers have already checked out around 500 guitarists and are planning to continue the auditions in Boise, Idaho, Wednesday (January 16) and Salt Lake City, Utah, on Thursday, the proceedings haven’t been entirely glitch-free.

The January 11 date in Concord, California, had to be postponed because organizers lacked the proper permit. And on January 13, Durst was attacked in Clackamas, Oregon.

The band was returning to the guitar store following a food break when 18-year-old Richard Petrillo skirted past a throng of fans getting autographs from the band and hit Durst in the back of the head with a coconut cream pie. Two of Limp Bizkit’s bodyguards helped detain the perp while sheriff’s deputies assigned to the event handcuffed him, a spokesperson for the Clackamas Sheriff’s Office said. Petrillo was taken to the police station and placed in a cell for under an hour before being charged with disorderly conduct and five counts of harassment.

When they say “helped detain the perp” it probably translates as “beat the crap out of the heroic and public-spirited young man”. Maybe the five counts of harassment are because Fred is five kinds of arsehole?

Good call. I want to interview the guy that pied Fred. I know you guys can help me out on this one. If you have a way to contact him, please let us know!!!

Another reader, Danielle, sent a link to this on :

FRED DURST was attacked by a cream pie wielding teenager on Sunday (January 13) during auditions for a new LIMP BIZKIT guitarist.

The Bizkit frontman was in Clackamas, Oregon as part of the band’s nationwide US trip holding open auditions to find a replacement for recently departed Wes Borland. Durst and the band were returning to the audition from a lunch break when the 18-year-old Richard Petrillo struck. Sneaking past a line of fans waiting to get autographs, Petrillo hit Durst on the back of his head with a coconut cream pie.

The teen was held by two Bizkit bodyguards until sheriff’s deputies, assigned to martial the event, arrived.

In the meantime, Durst signed Petrillo’s forehead with an indelible ink marker and drew and ‘X’ on his cheek. Petrillo was taken to the local police and charged with disorderly conduct and five counts of harassment.

VH-1 report that some 500 hopefuls have already tried their luck at the auditions, which so far have hit three cities, with a dozen picked out to jam with the Limp Bizkit rhythm section. The auditions continue today (January 16) in Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah, tomorrow (January 17).

I’ll NOT Have Whatever He’s Having…

By , June 18, 2000 22:56

One of our regular L.A. contacts notified us of an amusing picture on of Fred Durst from this year’s Weenie Roast. His comment was:
Take a look at this picture from the 2000 Weenie Roast, and
tell me you can’t conclude one of two things:
1-Fred’s developmentally disabled
2-Fred’s on heroin
Damn he looks bad.

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